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More Than 114 Nations Now Could Get the Business Visa by Applying For the Online Visa

Beside tourist visa, foreigners from many nations now could apply up to 1 year for the Viet Nam [b]business visa[/size][/b] through theonline visa application on Visa-VietNam.org.vn. This is perfectly good news for businessman, those who do not have much time to travel to the embassy to apply for the visa.[/size]

The greatest thing is applicants does not need to send their passport away. This is the main reason make this type visa seems to be the optimal solution for businessmen who always need their passport for foreign business trips.

For business visa, the visitor only needs to fill in online application form without preparing complicated documents. All applying process is similar to the tourist visa. However, the processing time might take longer than the tourist ones. Normally, business visa approval letter takes 3 working days. However, the visitor could still apply for emergency case (30 minutes) or Urgent case (4-8 hours) for this type of visa if they have the sudden appointment in Vietnam.

Type of business visa:
  • 1 Month single entry/ multiple entries: You are permitted to stay Vietnam One Month during your visa validity.
  • 3 Months single/ multiple entries: You are permitted to stay Vietnam in Three Months during your visa validity.
  • 6 Months Multiple entries: You are permitted to doing business in Vietnam during Six Months your visa validity.
  • 1 Year Multiple entries: You are permitted to doing business in Vietnam during One Year your visa validity.
In order to apply for business Viet Nam e-visa through Visa-vietnam.org.vn, visitors just need to go to the link visa-vietnam.org.vn to fill in the require information, make payment and submit. Then visa-vietnam.org.vn will email them the approval letter and lastly, they bring all the documents, passport and 2 passport photos to Vietnam. And upon arrival, they will get the visa stamping in Vietnam airport.

For more information about Business visa, please Visit us at visa-vietnam.org.vn or send us an email via visa[at]visa-vietnam.org.vn. We are willing to help you as our best.

URL: visa-vietnam.org.vn

Email: visa@visa-vietnam.org.vn

Address: 658/23 Cach Mang Thang Tam Street, Ward 11, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hotline: +84.909.597.525

Toll-free: 1-855-972-8379
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