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Four biggest countries in the world now could get cheap Vietnam visa by applying for visa on arrival. This type of Vietnam E-visa could help citizen of those countries avoiding to travel to the Vietnam Embassy/Consultant to take Vietnam Visa.


In fact, Russia, Canada, China and United State (US) are all countries which have large territory. Whereas, each of those countries only have around 1 to 5 Vietnam Embassy/Consultant located at their big cities. Which means that the citizen who work and live in other cities have to travel to the Vietnam Embassy in those big cities to apply for a visa.

In reality, China have 5 Vietnam embassy allocated around the country while Canada only have 1 Vietnam embassy in Ottawa, Canada. In large countries such as Canada, the United States, Russia and China, residents sometimes have to fly to move from one city to another. This does not only cost time and money but also annoys applicants if the application is rejected due to lack of documents as required.

Hence, Vietnam online visa definitely the greatest solution for citizen of those country to apply for Vietnam visa. The process to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival is completely simple. All manipulation is on electronic devices which could connect to internet.

Visitors just need to go to visa-vietnam.org.vn website to fill in the required information, make payment and submit. Then visa-vietnam.org.vn will email them the approval letter and lastly they bring all the documents, passport and 2 passport photos to Vietnam. And upon arrival they will get the visa stamping and visa sticker in Vietnam airport. The service fee only cost 19USD/person for one month single entry visa (excluding visa stamping fee). And discount more base on the number of applications.

For more information Visit us at: https://www.visa-vietnam.org.vn/ or send us email via visa@visa-vietnam.org.vn or by calling us at +84.909.597.525, toll-free: 1-855- 972-8379. Our customer service supports 24/7. Should you have any queries, kindly inform us, we are willing to help you as our best.

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