scubadiving    อาทิตย์ มี.ค. 05, 2017 5:27 pm

How to get a memorable experience? You need to dive deep down!! Thanks to global warming, many coral reefs are damaged a lot. So, they decided to sink the big vessel HTMS Chang to recover underwater systems. It’s was a vessel that was in the Korean war in Incheon and in 1962 it was turned over to the government of Thailand for service in the Royal Thai Navy as Chang (LST-2). HTMS Chang was scuttled to make an artificial reef for scuba diving on November 22, 2012

After 2-3 years, the vessel has made a miracle change to Gulf of Thailand’s underwater world. Coral reefs have become more healthy and rich with fish and more marine life. You can have a good time there! Also whale shark…

Can you imagine that? In Thailand the whale shark is an endangered species but many divers have found one in this area, like last year also in January 2017!! It was a stunning situation for lucky divers who didn’t expect to see a whale shark there. If you want to try to spot them, go get your gear, grab your passport and fly to Thailand!!

Reported by Dolphin Divers, Thailand
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